Jayded Youth

by Portrey Youth

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Jayyeah X Portrey Youth X Jayded Youth

A story of shared struggle & of corrupted youth.

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released August 21, 2012

Everything Produced by Jayyeah

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Trey Hilson.

Thank you to all my close friends who have truly pushed me.

shout out to Chief Shadowlamp for helping me learn how to engineer tracks,

Thank you everyone who has shared every track or messaged me letting me know your thoughts, its meant so much to me.

Im not stopping here, we’ve already started on the next tape and more information will be out on that soon. For now enjoy this, share it thats all I ask.

Its free, share the hard work. Next month physical copies will also be free.

So much of my time this past year has been put into growing into a better musician, I hope you enjoy it.



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Portrey Youth Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: 01 Restless |Intro| Feat. JG
Boy we never sleep, we're on our grind trying to eat.
from a city where someone will be quick to knock you off your feet.
and every corner the drug dealers exchange a gesture where they meet.
You can learn a lot just from how I speak.
here to show the youth our misguided ways
new kid to the game but everyone wants to see what he has to display , portray, my art is a gallery waiting to be heard
with a mentality most would think absurd
nothing but the truth in his fucking words
no made up tales of diamonds and jewels
the irrelevant nonsense made to make us look like fools.

No matter how hard we try its never enough
Losing my sanity is what it means to come up
time to make the world believe in me
and show them this music is something thats a part of me.
Every word I speak I mean whole heartedly
A lot of things need to change,
so let it start with me.
you've been flooded with lies this whole time
I'm here to share a piece of me with you through rhyme.
poetry, to help you see because music has been so blind
and people fail to read between the lines.
We all won't live that lavish life unless we push to achieve
and not getting left behind,
I refuse to fail, listen to my words and know that none
of this is some made up fairy tale.
I've lived every word you are about to listen to
many nights have been sleepless. relentless.
you don't hear me you just hear the beat, you don't want the truth
denying that life is a mess man,

This music is embedded in my soul in my flesh,
keeping me up at night, no sleep, I've become restless,

I try to think about it less but then I think about it more,
so much I can do in life in mind that I have in store.
Spending these nights staring outside of my room
knowing that a better life has to come soon.
Knowing that I can achieve it too.

so my anxiety rises, and inside I try to fight this
I put it to the beat, record my guidance
and just pray that they hear me.

Portrey Youth on the rising.
Track Name: 02 Ambitions
A kid who was never handed anything in his life,
late nights after shifts, would always take out his pen and write.
People ask themselves how can this kid have so much aspiration and ambition, well here sit down take a listen.

fifteen my mother died, that pushed me further to make shit out of my life. moved in with my father on the next flight. whom I never really met, but I wont bore you with all that noise just yet.

This is about future journeys in the bloom and how a star is on the rise and you'll hear of him soon
adventures each more exciting than the previous plight.
work hard in the day travel at night.
yeah work hard in the day and travel at night.
tomorrows a new day, and yesterday is just a past life.
mature quickly as life shifts me.
by the time I hit twenty my mindset was that of fifty.

ambitions in sight, leaving this life behind in the night
ambitions in sight, leaving this life behind in the night.

I was never one to cut myself short,
but I blame my girl for that she was always all a
nigga could ever ask for.
all that and more,
but if anything I've learned life his hectic
embrace your loved ones and never neglect it.

see right now theyre telling me I could never make it
but thats ok cause id rather know you hate my shit now cause later you'll sayin you like it, fakin.
but make no mistake I know I can do anything I put my mind to

you put your mind on petty shit so that's all you'll ever do, and ever be.
a nigga like me aint even worried about the likes of someone like you
cause I'll be leaving this point in my life soon.
see you can tell a real friend when they're happy for you
when your getting some buzz off of doing what you do.
the ones that are mad are the ones who never true.


see, my ambition you have to forgive me for, you have to understand,
cause my dreams are bigger than where I now stand.
My souls entity desires to step foot on distant lands,
speak the truth and share my music with the fans.
a young kid at heart is all I'll ever be
wanting my mom to be happy and and to be proud of me.
I just followed along with this college shit,
cause thats what society told me I had to do make it.
A few years later college still hasnt done much
my local drug dealer just bought me lunch.
damn, the american dream is sure twisted.
whats it take to convince the world your gifted.
we work hard in the day and travel at night,
and I can wait to see the new faces on the next flight.
Track Name: 03 Jaded Youth
X Jaded, the Youth are Jaded.

I live in a town full of kids who say theyre sick of their surroundings but surround themselves with people of moral imbalance.
damn, common sense

I've always one to make my own path
making music that will last.
while these other kids follow
making shit empty minded and hollow.

city to city and city to city
jaded youth I've found displaced in pity.
I just need the right girl to tempt me tonight
instead of questioning if her morals are based on a past life.
instead shes telling me shes faded.
Damn, Jaded
And I never get rest, write lyrics so you can
have a glimpse of this stress
Confused youth, disposable youth
this is real hip hop we tell the truth.
But youth are jaded so lies are all were used to.


no care no less no stress
said fuck it I don't need to confess
we livin life with the thoughts of no consequence
so I just blow money to see how much I have left.
No time to talk cause theres more money to be earned
all everyone is about nowadays anyways is shit thats short term.
So you learn to be heartless to avoid that feeling of being burned.
Everyones a gamble now, shit is risky.
Cant stand on my own two feet so I get high to lift me
and Half the girls you meet are already in the middle of being manipulated,
by a nigga who never wanted to contemplate and date it , just wanted to hit it.

damn , jaded.

Track Name: 05 Vision
Some nights my mind is a prison , whats it take for the world to see my vision

Some days I'm betraying me, holding myself back from what I can be
Gotta visualize it to realize it and now im realizing,
God made me so fucking talented
How can I balance this?
My hands are open but they hold closed fists
They don't want to hear it
they'd rather miss it, dismiss it, so dismissive,
you'd sell your soul if it meant you could live lavish
the realest will realize my sound, so many talented still underground

another jordan is playing in the hood, but he's not in college so the world won't realize hes that good, see this concept I never understood
who doesn't want their music to reach the masses
I want my story to be heard and spread the fastest
and let the world know you can fall head first. I will never quench this thirst.

Running out of time. Some nights my mind is a prison , whats it take for the world to see my vision
I've been trapped in here for days, for days.

They tell me man your shits too abstract I can't handle that,
dont hand me that.
then they say your lyrics put it all into perspective, I respect it,
negligence I wasn't looking for your respect.
in fact I could care less, your a careless critic
it's easier to write an opinion than it is to spit shit.

Your foes will be quick to become your friends,
as soon as your success begins.
Know where your true bonds are and where it ends.
man I've been writing lyrics for years
now its time to share my fears,
my tears , my mission, my vision.
My word is bond as its born,
You may not see it now, but bare witness to how greatness is formed.
Track Name: 06 Inspiration
To truly be enlightened , inspired, you have to be completely indulged in the darkness.

And in that case, I am certainly an inspired being.

My life has been clouded since the moment it began,
an environment wreaking of death and sin was the setting for me to become a man.
no warnings given, god had already had my life layed out and written.
He wanted me to suffer so I can decide to write my own fucking ending,
and this is the message that I'm sending,
You can lose it all and still have the will to live
You can write your own fate no matter what the setting is.
See I can be something great thats why they want me to give up now, because it'd be better for them to see me fall down.

Where a every great life of success has a fee.
and the cost of death is paid rapidly.
And any kid of color's chances are less likely.
If you think differently then please inspire me.

I've realized life is just one big fucking mess,
and if this is just my start then just try to imagine what I Can do next.
still, some cannot grasp the concept,
of what its like to be at the bottom,
trying by any means to survive.
To the people who were born with everything given to them in theyre life.
you think life is easy, try to live a day as me, live a day working, live a day hurting, live a day uncertain live a day fucking learning what is to be me.
we'll see what you see then,
your perspective will change quickly.
And learn that your life ending tomorrow is a very much a live possibility.
and to anyone whose every doubted, spoke a word down about it,
you fuel the very fire that burns in my chest.
that pushes me to be the best.
all the doubt helps me separate the real from the fake,
helps learn just how much I can truly take
and the light in the dark I can truly see.
I swear on my mothers grave I will know what it's like to truly be happy.

so if you may, continue, please, inspire me.
Track Name: 07 IodineScars
I'm going to go ahead and tell you my life has a been a bit hard,
In fact I have quite a few scars
I'll let them speak for themselves, sometimes I want to stop and put my scars back up on the shelf.
Thinking it might help, to move forward and have something to look back at. maybe laugh
what helped build me up and prepare for any fall.
My life has been climbing one big fucking wall.
How have I made it this far?
man our hearts stand tall. through it all, through it all.

Scars hidden in poker faces kept on the low, in low places
never wanting to go home looking for a new place to roam
new place to call home,
new place to call home.

And Home isn't where you're from it's where you're at
I've moved every three years of my life and I can tell you that.
matter a fact, the moment any place doesnt feel like home anymore then its time go.
I guess I could apply that to a lot of things, you never know.
I want to be able to look back at these scars and know that they actually meant shit, and that every bit of anger and hate was fucking worth it. And I'm not just worthless.
I used to count my worth in others, now I count it in myself
Because most of the scars on my shelf, were caused by someone else.

Scars hidden in poker faces kept on the low, in low places.
never wanting to go home looking for a new place to Roam
new place to call home,
new place to call home.

Iodine scars
Iodine scars
Track Name: 08 Venerable
They say your greatness is only shadowed by your trials and tribulations,
only measured by what you have over come.

So how do I measure out the highs and lows,
I must be beyond great since my life has always been in the shadows.
This world is cold out but they didn't tell me, broken dreams
So I've been fighting pneumonia since I was eighteen.

Now darkness leads my mind and I wonder will love save me from time to time.
but why waste thoughts on such nonsense
I've seen too many left behind and stuck in the past tense
I was always ready for greatness, destined to be more than what my mother was prayin.
I layed out this plan, I MADE THIS. Can't wait to say I made it.
I've never questioned my ability or who I would be.
They say all opportunity is equal, but thats a lie for foolish people,
For the same ones that believe in luck, reality you have to break your neck to keep your head up.
I'm gunnin for the thrown I still havent had enough
all this attention is just the beginning of my progression, cant get caught up.
Cant have no distractions, remember people want to see you fail
because they love the reaction
misery loves company but I'm an independent person,
So you'll catch me with the best poker face when I'm hurtin'

I said, misery loves company I'm an independent person,
So you'll catch me with the best poker face when I'm hurtin'

greatness can arise from the bottom, from the shadows,
make peace with the demons and disregard the foes,
and too many are afraid of judgment in what others see
I could never care enough for all that shit, so go ahead and judge me.
Livin out my dream that some would call a fantasy,
but there is no limit to what I can achieve. watch me

When you're born to lose its hard to win,
I'm a perfect example of being the exact opposite of the enviroment I'm in.
nowadays all artists worry about are club hits thats all
thats how most of these artists get their substance lost.
I've lived love labors cost so whats next for me
stuck in a situation where I cant breathe
unless im in front of a mic, like
Track Name: 09 Manifested II
They wallow in sadness, of the greatness,
of what it took to make this
inhabit this bliss and break apart make sight of what you can see through the mist.
young warrior, young blood tell us of your misfortune
of what is rather than what was.

A poet of his time telling his stories through the meanings of rhyme.
Their king is weak, this plague has brought him to his knees
our civilization is the greatest and plague the world has ever seen.
the moon is paved in blood as both young and old are slaughtered
our Saviour is now our martyr.
there is no end to justify the means and you can hear the screams.

they say , please tell us what we can do, to save the youth
to undo that which has already been done, will we live to see tomorrow to see the sun.

This being replies, no, tonight is the night you die.
You have forsaken life, even killing your own kind.
And if you can kill your own then what are you to me
another worthless being praying for mercy.
bow now to me for I am your new king,
I am the ones they speak of in all your prophecies
the new disease you shall die of me,
I am both anger and that of greed
I am your darkness nightmare don't you see you planted this seed
grovel now at my feet for no man can kill me.
I am immortality I am what your very conscious could never fathom see.


You can do nothing he says again, this is the end.
I am telling you this story from a distant land
where we learned from your mistakes and our society began.
Your society is ancient, amazing how lives were so wasted,
here we do not waste blood
that of war is such a distant foolish ideal of what was.
still, I cannot help but feel sorry for your people,
for I know there is some good in lands that are evil.

You did not live to see tomorrow to see the sun,
but know that you helped show other societies what to never become.
Track Name: 10 ThatOfWar
Lives are wasted day to day,
its a day to day , occurrence that we excuse as fate.
so much that I don't understand
how to interpret justice in lives taken by man,
a war of the elite, has my people starving in the streets.
losing their sanity in the heat, such mindless violence
High hopes of winter because it brings true silence.
and cold depression to teach us the lessons of drugs given to the

There is no god here, I feel no blessings.
and this is what they excuse as fate,
a trapped house, in a trapped city we were never meant to escape.
Its so hard to hear the truth in its normality
but stray from the media and face reality.
rather than being mad at me,
there is more war than that of the middle east.
And if you don't believe me come to my block and hear the cries in the


feel down feeling deprived, that of war , this is our lives ,
that of war that of war.

An unjust bias system that is evil
where you're forced to sell drugs to your own people.
you find yourself to be helpless trying to help the minds that are

How do you teach your people stuck that life isn't supposed to be this way
and that the hood was supposed to see way better days.
Teach them that leaving the hood wasn't supposed to be some fucked up

The upper class stays unphased as we wallow a the bottom
working twelve hour days just to keep food on our plates.
and they wonder why we're robbing
we are deprived, lost, gone, and forsaken,
our culture, our people, our society was robbed but naked.
The lives we lead are so far from real, so very fake
I spit these words as true cause there's only so much I can take.
Track Name: 11 Transference (Feat.JacobTheJeweler)
A lot of things have changed since the last time our paths had crossed
I started cutting out the selfish and a lot of friendships were lost.
Yeah at first I was upset but it was for the better
I dont like giving up on people but now my chest is light as a feather.
And I've been on the hideout staying on the low surrounded by doom
waiting to show the world how much I had grown from my room.
but little did they know, little did they know
I could switch up this flow like
let me get on this mic
I wont take it for granted being in the spotlight
I must've been a young god in a past life
because everytime I set my mind on something my progression
is unstoppable so remarkable.
Every time I spit its another lesson taught
every time one of these other cats spit its another lesson lost
portrey youth for fans of the truth.
And its time to stop corrupting the youth
and When I've finally made it don't try to say
I didn't try to tell the youth they were fucking jaded
Spending my hard earned time to make sure you could hear me rhyme
and hopefully use it one day as a reference
coming through you speakers transference

Operations are dilatin

These cowards I'm erasing

Ignoring what was I raised in

we're Your new inspiration

Young gods you cant phase this
Track Name: 12 Inplainsight |Outro|
Dark nights, surrounded by demons in plain sight
they tell me to follow them and everything will be alright.
I've been hearing them since my mom fell into the after life.
I ignore the demons and dive into the darkeness by choice
And when people hear me they'll know what I've been through just from listening to my voice.
Abandoned by everyone and everything I loved ,
I learned to fight the demons off with my own sweat and blood.
It was either being cautious with my trust or to trust none
and I can tell you the amount I trust is few
the ones who starved with me and knew that we would eat soon.
the ones that stayed with me in the dark and could see my vision illuminating the room.
I'll reach the top refusing to let the bottom be my tomb.
So many artists claim they're on another level
but theyre re hash and rebuttal , so subtle
my flow is different, listen to the difference, demons behind me in my tracks because they've followed us since we were children.

Try not to let this get lost in translation
use your imagination on the verge of suicide
but of course I would decide. I wanted more
to accepts lifes challenge and see what was in store
if these were the cards I was was dealt then fuck em
I'll surely play with the cards dealt and laugh in the face of the one
who made them. I made my own Ultimatum.

It is first when your engulfed in the darkness
that you learn what light truly is
you see what so many others take for granted.
I was a young individual looking for help
when all I really needed was to turn to myself
listen to my poetry in motion
Im not a rapper im a musician with a motive
So dont be surprised if not too many notice
theyd rather the mindless nonsense of the moment

walk with me I am no demon but I can name them all
And each can tell you how Portrey Youth just laughed them off.